Project Overview

With outdoor living more popular than ever and as an essential element of residential homes, remodeling an ugly and or antiquated residential patio with a raised deck is an incredible way to transform your outdoor space. While commonly used in rooftops and balconies, porcelain pavers on raised pedestals are an easy solution for an outdoor space at grade. Porcelain pavers offer a wide range of sophisticated designs that are resistant to stains and fading while also requiring minimal maintenance.  The finished product provides a smart investment for a long-lasting and beautiful outdoor space.

The Vision

This older model home featured a stepdown from the living room to large rectangular concrete pads.  After a complete remodel of the interior, the owners wanted to create a more seamless transition between the interior and exterior of the home and extend their outdoor patio further into the yard.

The Solution

The owners settled on larger 2’x4’ porcelain pavers with a natural grey stone finish. Eco Arbor Designs Adjustable leveling pedestals were placed every 2’ and set to precise heights so that the patio was perfectly level with the threshold of the exterior slider door. The pedestals micro bottom leveling adjustments were utilized to compensate for the various drainage slopes that were present on the old concrete slabs. To allow for the larger patio design, 4” of base rock was placed adjacent to the concrete slabs creating a suitable outdoor surface for pedestal placement.

Perimeter Containment

This type of raised pedestal pavers system requires full perimeter containment. 3 of the 4 edges of the patio were contained by the exterior of the home and fence line. The one exposed edge was contained by installing a linear edge profile that provided paver containment and allowed for a vertical trim detail in IPE wood.  This design is an attractive turn key solution for an open border condition.