Deck Tiles FAQ information about modular decking

Our modular flooring solutions and products,   what are they?  what do they offer?

How do  we help homeowners and design professional create value in an outdoor space?  These are all questions we answer everyday. Pavers and pedestals have some important benefits over traditional decking and paving.

  1.  They are removeable,  and give increased protection the subfloor underneath.  Concrete patios,  blacktop roof decks it doesnt matter  we can cover it all with a new durable walk deck.   This adds square footage to your home or business.  It enables one to use a space otherwise not used.   Although our structural pavers can be used on ground applications very well. Our specialty has always been raised floors. Since 2004, Eco Arbor Designs has led the industry in the design and manufacture of Pedestals and Deck Tiles that create beautiful rooftop environments.
  2. Pavers on pedestals will create a perfectly flat floor that can be leveled to your desired finish floor height. This is important as we can create perfect transitions from indoor to outdoor.
  3. Rooftop decks can be installed much faster and with less construction material and mess. This independently tested, modular deck tile flooring systems allows rooftop decks to be installed quickly and easily without damaging expensive roofing systems and allow critical access to the surface underneath. Your waterproofing is protected from UV exposure and there is an air gap whcih keeps the roof top cooler than it would be if it were exposed to sunlight giving hidden benefits to your home or business.

Lets Discuss some common questions that we hear everyday….

What are some of the advantages between installing a decking tile system versus a traditional deck?

  1. Installation cost:  Since you can install the deck tiles yourself with minimal if any demolition to the existing surface, the difference in installation cost is huge. Also, if you compare the material cost of building a hardwood deck or tile setting a patio the traditional way, the materials and labor cost would be far higher. Typically you can expect that a deck tile installation will be half to 2/3rds the cost of building a deck. The cost of building a conventional walk deck of the same size. Deck tiles are also modular and offer portability or removability and can easily be taken up to service underneath (if on a roof deck). They can easily be reinstalled in another location as required if you move or sell your home. Your investment in th

nd pipes or odd shaped areas with pedestal decks?

Our structural pavers in hardwood,   porcelain, wood pavers ,  interlocking deck tiles or our FRP gratings can be fit to the required shape with a jigsaw or handsaw or doorknob drill. A miter saw will give you a very clean straight cut across the tile. Tiles can be cut in any way even rounded cuts.  We also recommend using a new blade or diamond tipped blade to make cutting easier and cleaner. Large format porcelain tile saw is recommended for porcelain pavers, use a new porcelain disc blade for better and more precise cuts

Will the deck tiles system you sell  last a long time?

Short answer is YES! .  our modular decking systems are a set it and forget it type of product.  They do not require any major maintenance, just regular cleaning and will typically last 30-40 years or more with regular use.  All of our surfaces are resistant to chips, cracking or splitting and are impervious to water or moisture.   For instance our   2cm porcelain pavers are .05 water absorption so they do not crack or degrade over time. They can be power washed or acid etched with strong cleaners with zero effect to the color and texture.   The   Hardwood pavers all use dense  timber and it  is highly resistant to decay and insect attack, for up to 40 years! Ironwoods like Ipe, Curupay and Garapa will not rot, split or crack like soft woods do once they become weathered. Hardwood typically outlast soft and semi hard woods like cedar and redwood by 10 times. Our goal is to create a long term investment in your home or business.  We dont want you buying the deck again if we can help it…. ever.

Can the tiles be installed over a timber frame or pedestal system?


Our hardwood deck tiles over pressure treated sleepers ( sleepers are shimmed to provide drainage)

Provided that the joists are 12″ or 24″ (structural deck tiles) off center and leveled with a laser level and the frame is sturdy, you can install the tiles over the joists. Your only limitation is the direction of the tiles; they must be installed perpendicular to the joists. Pedestal systems can be installed under the frame to even out any slanting or grade of the surface if working with a sloped roof deck. If you would like to lay patterned tiles you may by adding a surface 2 x 6 pressure treated spaced out evwery inch or so overt he surface. Lay the tiles on top as you final surface and you have a hardwood deck that will last a lifetime. Below is a typical pedestal system with our stone pavers. The deck tiles can easily be replicated with the use of 2×6 sleepers over the pedestals.

Can The Tiles Be Laid Over An Existing Weathered Wood Deck?

Provided the surface and supporting framework are structurally sound and the surface is even. Resurfacing old wood decks with our tiles allows you to remove to service the deck underneath in the future. Our modular decking tiles can be installed over virtually any surface,  old concrete,  blacktop roofing, roll out roofing or flat wood decks, liquid coatings and any type of above living space mebranes including rubberized membrane.   In fact once our decking is installed over the surface, the air flow under the pavers will keep the deck cool as well as gaurd it from harmful UV sunlight essentially protecting the waterproofing.

How Long Is The Warranty?

Our warranties are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase for our on grade deck tiles. Structural deck tiles have a limited warranty of 5 years from the date of purchase. Dont worry we have your back and we are not going anywhere, we will support you and your purchase with us.   If you have any concerns about defects, please take photos and send them our