Creating Recurring donations to nonprofits as a percentage of operating expenses to help solve our social and environmental challenges.

Eco Arbor Cares Program is a collaboration between Purpose in Expenses and Habitat for Humanity. We started this collaboration during covid, with the increase in demand for our products and simultaneous stress on our community we felt it appropriate to give back to our community where we can.  We pledged to give 1% of all of our projects to the Habitat for Humanity charity organization.


The program works by donating a percentage of every sale to support the amazing work of our community impact partners Habitat for Humanity.


Every project and every product that is sold through Eco Arbor Designs has a portion of the proceeds donated to Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a non profit organization helping families and communities build long term financial security. Operating in every state in the nation they help build affordable, stable homes for families so they have more to spend on food, medicine, education and childcare. By supporting us you are in return and indirectly supporting your community. Our recurring donations help give back one outdoor floor at a time without increasing costs to our customers. This is our way of creating purpose with our profits and helping our community. This is our way of giving back to our community one deck at a time. to find our more about Purpose in Expenses see there website here