Project Overview

This modern Lake Tahoe remodel was driven by the desire to achieve to dramatic exterior areas 1. Create an upper level exterior living space at height that allowed the owners to get above the tree line and gain visibility of the expansive lake Tahoe landscape. 2, to create a covered outdoor space below the deck with a waterproof roof that protected the open area below.



The designers achieved this with a single system by completely waterproofing the deck’s subfloor before applying a deck surface on top. This waterproof deck subfloor was built with subtle slope to ensure rapid draining as Tahoe is known to receive high levels of rain. To compensate for these required design attributes, the architects specified our adjustable pedestals to allow them to lay our larger format IPE hardwood deck tiles perfectly level across the complete expanse of the deck footprint.  To create a greater sense of space the tiles were placed in a distinctive 50% offset pattern that ran parallel along the long length of the upper space.


A key attribute of the project was the ability of the builders to subtly adjusting the pedestals on site  by simply rotating the individual pedestal at different locations to achieve a perfectly level upper level deck despite the sloped subfloor. Th finished result was a massive 1100 sq.ft. upper deck that wrapped the complete exterior of the homes 2nd level. The deck subflooring included exterior walls that were designed to align exactly with the height of the outer edge of the deck tiles, creating a seamless outside edge. The deck was completed with a modern metal cable railing system.

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