A gloomy day on a porcelain paver balcony

Project : Teak Honey Porcelain Paver balcony residential deck Santa Cruz, CA How can anyone complain about coastal living?  well sometimes its not always sunny,  not always what people think,  there can be mist,  fog and sometimes June gloom.   This is all a minor detail when one has a brand new walk deck on every balcony and outdoor area in the home.  In this case a porcelain plank look on rubber rise it fixed height pedestals.  The homeowners where presented with a great solution to a drab surface.  The results were stunning.  In this case the views were even better once furniture to sit was placed and the walk decks completed with our Teak Honey porcelain planks and pedestal system. Glass railings and all this project was a gem in our outdoor deck tiles portfolio. The homeowners were amazed at the results and satisfied with the minimal upkeep these pavers require.   A simple spray down with fresh water and a dry sunny day to dry it up.