• <h1 class="text-white">The original deck tile manufacturer to the design and architectural industry for over 12 years</h1>

    The original deck tile manufacturer to the design and architectural industry for over 12 years

  • <h1 class="text-white">Specializing in modular outdoor paver and pedestal floor applications</h1>

    Specializing in modular outdoor paver and pedestal floor applications

  • <h1 class="text-white">Commercial or Residential Decking Tile Projects big or small</h1>

    Commercial or Residential Decking Tile Projects big or small

  • <h1 class="text-white">Pedestal and pavers with lightweight planters make a roof deck functional</h1>

    Pedestal and pavers with lightweight planters make a roof deck functional

  • <h1 class="text-white">Deck Tiles are Modular and Removable</h1>

    Deck Tiles are Modular and Removable

Deck tiles for roof decks and patios is what we do, its what we design. Our deck tiles are born from 15 years of development and testing. We offer outdoor flooring solutions to the most difficult roof applications. We offer the best service and support in the business. Take a look at our huge selection of modular wood deck tiles and porcelain paver products as well as our turf solutions. Let us help you transform your average outdoor space into the ultimate outdoor oasis.

Decking Tile Products and Projects

You’re not only creating a beautiful outdoor space with us, but you’re investing in your future. Our modular outdoor deck tile and porcelain paver floors are floors that are built to last. We source and manufacture most of our materials ourselves, to maintain the highest quality standard. Invest once, enjoy your outdoor space for a lifetime.  Let us do the importing and logistics to save you time and money. Click here for our latest completed projects of 2017 to learn more about us.  

Deck Tile floors and our Materials

We only use the best in the business. We’ve spent a decade plus researching, testing, designing and manufacturing the best materials for your next outdoor project. No outdoor space is the same and there is no "do it all system".  That is why we sell the many types of outdoor flooring solutions, many types of supporting pedestals and everything in between. If the quality isn’t up to our standards, we don’t use it. We demand the best, and so should you.

Take Off and Estimation Services

We thrive on outdoor deck tile project referrals and for a good reason. We help our customers from beginning to end. We have the best customer service in the business. Take off services, material estimating and maintenance support is our specialty. We  are 100% dedicated to helping you make the right decisions and above all saving your budget from going into the red!  We have your back on your purchase.  Call us and lets get started 1 888 335 8453

ECO Deck Structural Deck Tile Pedestal Pavers

Our structural panels have been engineered with your outdoor flooring needs in mind. We’ve spent years researching, designing and testing to offer you the perfect modular deck tiles solutions for your new outdoor project. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing joist wood deck, or transform your sky rise roof space into livable space, we have the elevated outdoor flooring products for your needs. 

Porcelan deck tile
Porcelain Pavers

Our line of in stock Porcelain Pavers are the perfect solution for your outdoor roof or balcony space. These tiles are very versatile, stain resistant, frost resistant, and incredibly durable. Ideal for both large residential and high traffic commercial applications. Porcelain pavers can be applied "on grade" over gravel substrate or used for raised floor pedestal applications. Similar to concrete pavers but with half the weight and far better looks! Click here for our porcelain catalog

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Structural Wood Deck Tiles

Our Structural IPE pavers are commercial grade in every way. An outdoor deck or patio surface that will last a lifetime, yet has luxurious distinction. We offer a variety FSC certified hardwoods to create the perfect modular walk deck. Our hardwoods are certified and sourced at environmentally friendly plantations or sustainable forestry programs. We dont just buy any hardwood, we only buy the best.   Click here for our structural wood paver catalog

Deck Turf Raised Flooring Turf Application

Deck Turf was designed to cover existing outdoor areas with a raised floor with artificial turf. A strong fiberglass base in an easy to handle 2x4' size allows structural rigidity and a system that will never fail. Deck Turf can be used over any surface including roof decks, joist decks, and ground level applications.  Click Here to Learn More

ECO Deck Interlocking Deck Tile Series

Eco Decking Tiles was where it all started over 12 years ago, winning the GLEE outdoor product of the year award in 2007.  Fast forward to today and Eco Decking Tiles still remain the best interlocking deck tile system on the market. Available in Ipe, Curupay and Garapa.  Our interlocking floors can be used over existing deck surfaces, bland patios, concrete condo decks or any hard and ugly old surface.

curupay deck tiles
Curupay Interlocking Deck Tiles

Curupay is as dense and durable as Ipe and has been used for the famous Gibson Guitar. You will not find this unique sustainable hardwood decking tile anywhere else except from us here at Eco Arbor Designs.

ipe deck tiles
IPE Deck Tiles 

The premium classic Ipe deck tile is where we started in the early days, Ipe being one of the hardest and most durable decking options.  The best quality ipe deck tile in the business. Perfect to cover concrete and balcony floors. 

garapa deck tiles
Garapa Interlocking Deck Tiles

Garapa or commonly known as Brazilian Ash. Garapa is a dense lumber with a beautiful warm golden tan hue. Resistant to rot, decay and insect attack these deck tiles make a deck come alive.

Pedestals, Planters and Green Roof

Over the years in doing outdoor decks we have seen outdoor products come and go,  so we partnered with some of the best planter suppliers and green roof products available today. We do a lot more than just sell stunning modular decking tile solutions. Over the years we’ve acted as consultants, and have helped our customers bring their dreams to life. Explore a few of the other services and products we offer below including lightweight fiberglass planters, our series of pedestal supports and our green roof tray options.  We have you covered for your outdoor design. 

elmich adjustable pedestals
Pedestal Supports

Over the years we have come to realize that not one pedestal system can do it all.  That is why we carry several different brands.  From the world renown Elmich adjustable pedestals to fixed height rubber spacers we designed outselves, to PVC pip riser "one size fits all" pedestals.  

Feature Image

Our durable fiberglass planters will help to transform your existing patio or garden into the ultimate outdoor getaway. Our planters have been built to last and will add a touch of class to your outdoor space. Available in square, rectangular or round shapes.  

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Eco Arbor Designs in coordination with Elmich Landscape Engineering present the newest line of green roof products , Container Irrigation Systems and for your next green roof or vertical wall project.