2CM Porcelain Pavers roof deck in Little Italy, San Diego April 2018


      When the architectural firm Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh, AIA contact you in regards to a raised roof deck with porcelain pavers, you drop everything you are doing and you go do a site walk,  immediatly.  Well that's how this project among many others like it, was started.  The roof deck plan in this newly constructed modern live work space,  called for a raised pedestal deck with 2cm porcelain pavers. This was no ordinary roof deck however.  This was the Kettner lofts project in the heart of little italy in San Diego. Taking up an entire city block of downtown San Diego. This deck would have incredible views of the San Diego Airport and bay..

      We began to present multiple options including the beautiful pavers from Ergon ceramics imported by us, from Italy.  Once the colors were chosen by the design team, our logistical skills went to work, to ship these beautful pavers directly from Sassuolo Italy directly to, well, the other "little" Italy in San Diego.  To give a little background on this deck tile system raised outdoor floor system. The porcelain pavers are 2'X2' in size and are elevated  6 " inches off the roofing surface (height is adjustable) to provide a raised floor with a surface of hard wearing outdoor porcelain paver. 
      Once the colors had been specified and chosen, we shipped and delivered the material on site within 3 weeks. This was so the installation could begin on time, with a move in date of April. This raised deck was supported with Elmich Versadjust pedestals, pone fo the best fits for porcelain pavers with a top slope corrector and one fo the widest supporting footprint of any screwjack pedestal. This outdoor floor would reach a total height of 6" across the surface. The Ergon 2cm porcelain pavers in two color tones would create a design like we had never seen before. Custom planters where ordered and delivered by us as well to create a stunning roof top deck complete with green space andfiberglass planters.  With a complex system of electrical conduit, gas lines, and irrigation under the porcelain pavers.  

      Some background on Kettner lofts.  Kettner lofts is a high end residential condominium community with retail, and a large parking garage on the ground level.  One of the largest construction footprints of any project in San Diego. We were honored and pleased that the designers chose Eco Arbor Designs to provide the material and recommend installation by our partners at Suncoast. 
      The first photo here shows the north west corner of the roof deck and our custom planters in the color,  puddle.  The pedestals show about a 6 inch rise off the surface, plenty of room to allow for conduit and gas lines that were running everywhere underneath.  

      Porcelain pavers are the newest addition to pedestal decking, they are stronger than concrete pavers, hlaf the weight and most importantly have zero water absorption.  Being that they do not absorb water, the surface will never wear.  This feature is what seperates cheaper ceramics to hard wearing porcelain.  Available in many high end slip resistant textures and finishes, they are perfect for outdoor patios and roof decks.  It was our utmost pleasure to see this roof deck from start to finish.

In the photo below you can see the gray slate tiles as the centerpiece to the dining area, with fold out doors directly adjacent to the restaurant. This two tone look creates the seperation of uses across this roof deck.  In addition you can see the conduit and electrical which is routed underneath the roof deck porcelain paver surface. 

2cm porcelain pavers and pedestals

Once completed, you can start to see the beauty of this 2cm porcelain paver product.  The seem lines are exact on every tile and the spacing of each of the four corners is the same at every intersection.   When you walk on this deck there is zero movement and no noise or rattles. 2cm porcelain pavers make a solid floor and no one woudl even know you are walking 6 inches above the surface of the roof. 

porcelain pavers on roof deck

After about 2 weeks of installation the job was completed.  The owner was thrilled with the results and the roof deck is ready for its first tenants,  just take a look at these views. We provided a top notch product which came in under budget.  Another happy customer.  Dont you want to pull up an armchair and watch all the action on the San Diego Bay?  Well now you can.  

pedestal raised deck with porcelain pavers

patio cover on raised deck with pedestals

2cm porcelain pavers and pedestals
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