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How to Clean your Deck Turf for Pet Owners

(Posted on May 11, 2020 at 07:30PM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

deck turf
Transforming your rooftop deck to a luxurious deck turf raised pedestal system is a fashion forward, environmentally sustainable and exciting decision with many long term benefits. Often families living in an urban downtown building, see this turf decking as an opportunity to turn their terrace into a trusted and convenient place for the family dog to use the bathroom. For many, they find themselves wondering if this is the right decision, or will this choice be messy and difficult. Deck turf on a raised pedestal system has amazing drainage and the clean up could not be easier, even if the cleaning is poopoo and peepee. Here are 4 easy and pain free ways to keep that deck turf new and fresh.


1.Water Hose. This is the simple and most effective method of cleaning up. It is chemical free, easy, and doesn't require any planning. Simply be prepared to watch your pet do the business and immediately spray down your deck turf. One of the best parts of using a raised pedestal deck turf system, is that if you do miss a pee, the urine should simply drain all the way out, like rainfall. If access to a water hose is complicated or unavailable, a large bucket of water could work just fine too. 


2.Pick Up Poop in a Timely Fashion. The quicker you act, the less the mess will stick. The recommended procedure is to follow your dog out onto your turf and watch them do the deed and immediately clean it up. 


3.Diluted Vinegar Mixture or Professional Turf Cleaning Product. If you are finding that water just isn't doing the trick, it is time to bring out the big guns! A simple environmentally friendly solution of water and vinegar can be poured onto the affected surface to help really remove the animal smell. Another option is purchasing a turf cleaner engineered specifically for pet clean up on turf surfaces. Be mindful of which cleaner you chose and speak with the manufacturer about the safety of using the product on your particular turf.


4.Scrub with a Cloth. When you pick up the poop with paper towels or doggie bags, you may find that there are small chunks lingering on the turf still. Use a bit of the vinegar mixture and a cloth and gently scrub at the turf until it is clean and residue has dissipated.

how to remove dog pee from deck turf