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Will My Deck Turf Raised Pedestal Decking Get Moldy?

(Posted on May 11, 2020 at 07:14PM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

Making the decision to add deck turf to your outdoor space is exciting and comes with many benefits. From the satisfaction of knowing you are making an environmentally sustainable decision, removing irrigation costs from your budget, and having a safe place for your children to romp around, it really is a no brainer! But with any great decision, also comes a lot of questions. You might find yourself wondering if you will face issues with mold and mildew in the future. There are a few factors that you have to consider if you are worried about mold. The installation method, location of the project and last but not least, your own personal tidiness.

turf deck

In the original turf days, 25 years ago, turf matts were laid directly on top of concrete, giving the pools of water after heavy rainfall, nowhere to go. This is a major problem that, in certain places, could have potentially caused issues with mold or mildew. When installing turf decking onto your luxury outdoor space, doing a lightweight raised pedestal system is used to create a proper drainage for rainfall. With rainfall and water having nowhere to pool, you will have no issues with the turf staying damp.


The second thing to consider when pondering the possibility of mold and mildew, is where you live. Are you in a considerably dry climate of Southern California? With light rain and heavy sun, you have nothing to worry about. Damp, humid places, such as Northern California or New York could obviously open the doors to more fog and rainfall, but with a proper installation of a raised pedestal system, that rain should drain right through and cause no issues.


Last but not least, taking overall good care of your roof deck and having good cleaning habits would never be a bad idea. Even in the dryest of climates, a huge pile of wet leaves, a great pack of dogs relieving themselves, or spilled cocktails left to rot, could become problematic. If any of these situations happened to your deck, there are very practical remedies to solve your specific issue. From a diluted bleach solution, vinegar, or deck turf specific cleaners, you are one afternoon of cleaning away from a freshly cleaned turf deck!