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5 Reasons to Use Deck Turf to Elevate your Outdoor Space

(Posted on May 11, 2020 at 06:08PM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

We are always looking to make new and exciting changes around the house. Whether it be, flooring, paint, light remodel, there are many new and exciting ways to bring new energy to an existing space. Tired of looking at the same old patio or rooftop deck? Deck turf is a low maintenance, long lasting alternative to wood or composite decking. 
turf deck

1. The Environment. Deck turf is completely low maintenance and requires zero watering. The long product life span is also good for the environment. You will never have to use chemical products such as staining, weather guard and countless amounts of water wasted to maintain a regular lawn through irrigation. Deck turf is manufactured using renewable and recycled materials, working towards environmental sustainability. 

2. Pet Patios. Having a place for your best friend to do his business on the patio when living in an urban residential space is huge. After a long day of work the last thing you want to do is to ride the elevator down and journey back through the lobby so the dog can go potty. The artificial pet grass system is easy to clean and keeps your pet clean. The family pet can’t dig holes and also no reason to worry about fleas and ticks. 

3. Bring in the Green. Feeling sick of all things concrete and glass? Break up the monotony and bring in the green! Step out of your downtown loft and onto green “grass” with your bare feet. You can create a luxurious oasis feel by pairing the turf surface with a living green wall or potted plants. 


4. Keep up with Trends. Deck turf flooring is one of the hottest trends to be seen in countless swanky commercial or residential spots in Los Angeles or New York City. With the unique look of these lush green patios, guests will remember your fashion forward remodeling decision. 


5. Safety. When bringing a new product into your home, the safety in the event of an emergency is naturally going to be something to consider. Deck turf proudly holds a Class 1 Fire Rating, making it safe for residential or commercial spaces. The proper drainage that comes along with this product takes away the stress of someone yourself slipping and falling after a major rainstorm. Safety First!