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How to Clean and Maintain Interlocking Wood Deck Tiles

(Posted on Jun 1, 2020 at 06:06PM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

Homeowners everywhere are always looking for new and creative ways to upgrade their properties inside and out. One of the absolute hottest trends in outdoor design is the incorporation of interlocking wood deck tiles. The tiles can be seen in many different  applications and climates across the country. When you begin looking into a potential remodeling decision, the same questions always seem to arise. Such as, what is the cost, how long will this project take and of course, how do I clean and maintain this product!

maintain interlocking deck tiles

Interlocking deck tiles are easy to clean and maintain and it is something you can choose to do on your own periodically to ensure you are getting the most value out of your modular flooring.


Regular leaf blowing or removal of leaves from the interlocking wood tiles is a great way to start. Leaves and debri should come away from the tiles with very little effort. If sweeping or blowing proves unsuccessful to your situation, you can always try a vacuum too.


Creating a good habit of checking for spilled food and cocktails after parties will help keep away extra insects and bugs. Alcoholic beverages are famous for having a high sugar content which will always attract ants like any other outdoor floor.

interlocking deck tiles 

Aside from keeping the tiles clean and neat, there is also maintenance that can be done. This is the oiling or staining process. There are two chosen routes homeowners take with this step and it all depends on what design and aesthetic you are trying to achieve with your deck.


The interlocking deck tiles are going to naturally fade out eventually to a silver gray look. However, do not be discouraged from this evolution. The silver tone is beautiful and many coastal customers desire this tone because it adds to their motif. If this is the case, little to no maintenance will ever be required. Simply install your new deck and sit back and relax. - You can always change your mind, even years down the road. Give the interlocking deck tiles a good sanding and apply your oil stain per the manufacturer's instructions.

 how to clean and maintain interlocking deck tiles

If you are going for a more precise and polished presentation, you will simply re-oil stain the tiles periodically. The process is very straightforward and can be completed in just a couple hours over the weekend with a roller or sprayer. This is not a service that comes around the same time annually for all customers. Depending on climate and UV conditions, it will be at your own judgement when the interlocking wood deck tiles are ready for color maintenance.