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Restaurants Expand their Outdoor Seating Capacity to adapt to Covid-19

(Posted on May 29, 2020 at 08:05PM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

It's pretty safe to say at this point that Covid 19 was the metaphorical zombie apocolypse of 2020 that no one saw coming! Schools were promptly shut down and hospitals braced themselves for a high level of patients. Unfortunately, when it comes to business, i think we can all agree that RESTAURANTS took a very big hit! Moving forward with the new laws of outdoor seating recommendations and a smaller customer capacity in general, restaurant owners and managers are left to their own creativity when it comes to navigating the new normal and how to actually turn a profit !

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Creating a larger outdoor seating oasis with wood pavers is the most simple and effective method of getting more customers in the restaurant at the same time. In this day in age, there is an effective and stylish way of this mandatory remodel instead of simply throwing some wine glasses at customers in an old tattered parking lot off the back side of the building.


The very first and biggest upgrade you should make to the outdoor area is some modular flooring . Especially the wooden pavers. These products have a vast amount of applications and purposes and what keeps them popular in the outdoor remodel scene is the simple, even DIY in some cases, installation.

wood pavers

How can an outdoor flooring installation be DIY, you are probably wondering. The answer is, the modular wood paver flooring simply rests on pedestals right on top of your old concrete surface. No demolition costs or services, sticky messy materials or stress at all. Customers and employees will not believe the effort you have put in to make them comfortable amydst the current pandemic.

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Here at Eco Arbor Designs, we work with you through a thorough and complete design and consultation process. We help you pick a color, figure out your dimensions and put together a map of what to purchase. We charge nothing for these additional services, we simply want you to choose the correct products from our portfolio and be back in business, recovering from the pandemic as soon as possible.

outdoor restaurant seating,new restaurant seating laws,social distancing at restaurants