Pedestal Supports

Pedestal Paver Supports

Pedestal paver supports are the key to raised floors, whether you are using natural stone, porcelain pavers or wood pavers you need the correct support method. We can guide you through this process with ease as we know what works and what does not.  Not every pedestal system works for every application although pedestal manufacturers will tell you otherwise. . Pedestal  supports come in many different designs.  That is why we carry several brands and stock several types of paver supports. From our fixed height stackable rubber supports, to our FRP structural grating underlayment support. We can gaurantee you will nto have the liability of failure in any raised floor we sell.   Different heights, different surfaces and applications require a unique system.     

Our product line varies from adjustable telescoping pedestals to proprietary foam block support systems to fixed height rubber spacer pads.  We have a solution for your raised outdoor floor application. Click through our pedestal product line and of course call us with any questions.  

Elmich Adjustable Telescoping Paver Supports   elmich adjustable pedestal supports

Elmich Versajack  Pedestals compareable to Bison or Buzon Pedestals but with more load capacity and larger surface area

Elmich telescoping pedestals are perhaps the best telescoping support system in the world today.  Far surpassing the competition in both weight they can hold and circumference of the top.  Both giving you an easier installation and more solid support.  The unique top slope corrector is not a self leveling design which is known to come loose over time and rattle when walked on. Elmich slope correctors give you the compensation from 1-5%.  This range is more than any other pedestal in the market for the most challenging sloped decks.  Just turn the corrector until level.

With varying spacer tabs for different types of pavers. on the top will give precision spacing to the pavers. For our wood pavers qwe have the best wood fastening system in the market.  The piece screws down tot he center of the pedestal creating a tight bond to the paver on top. With superior adjustability and an increadible max dead load of 4000 lbs, the Elmich Versajack series will handle the most demanding raised floor applications. 

The Versajack line is a "screw up or down" pedestal system accomodating heights from 1.5"-30".  Our most common models are the F2, F3 and F4 accomodating heights from 2"-8"

- Capable of supporting loads up to 4000 lbs
- Easy turn and lock slope corrector will level slope up to 10%
- Adjustable pedestal from .5" - 36"
- Superior Wood deck tile fastening system creates a tight (no movement bond) tot he pedestal head
- 2mm Rubber surface shim privides rubber vibration dampening and corner shimming ability
- Widest surface area on top of head in the pedestal business
- lightweight and incredibly strong construction

Elmich Versajack Pedestal Support

Elmich Spirapave Adjustable step up, step down Pedestals

Spirapave Pedestals is based on a unique one of akind step design for supporting raised paver floors and timber decks.  Ladder Pedestals are engineeered to provide versatil and cost effective soltutions to low height raised floors.  Spirapaver Pedestals provide enough height to conceal services and will improve heat and sound insulation all the while allowing normal drainage to occur underneath. The result is a lightweight support system that you can count on in even the most demanding commercial environments. Starting at heights ranging from .5" going to 3".  Slope correction is compensated from 1-5% with an easy top cap slope compensator. Spacers tabs of 1/8th and above are available. Please call us toll free 1 888 335 8453 for a quote and layout help depending on which surface product you are considering. Sprirapave pedestals with there unique 1mm increment adjustability make the widest footprint for the heaviest pavers. Spirapave have become the defacto pedestal for stone and porcelain pavers. 

spirpave pedestal
Spirapave Pedestals

Low Minimum height is ideal for installations where other height adjustable pedestals are generally too high or cannot be micro tuned easily. 
Spirapave may be used with Versajack pedestals as an accessopry or for additional height. 

Spirapave has a compressive strength of >20kN. One of the most heavy duty adjustable pedestals on the market today. 
With a steel locking pin to fix the height of each pedestal once your paver is level you can be rest assured it will stay that way. 

PVC Based Hybrid Adjustable Paver Supports with self leveling head

Hybrid PVC based adjustable Pedestals

PVC based pedestals are a cost effective way to get a raised floor up to 36" in height at a low cost.  Utilizing a Schedule 450 PVC pipe which is then cut to create the riser.  The self leveling head is adjustable from 3/4" to 2.5"  to then fine tune the final height.  This pedestal system has been a great application for heights above 8" where telescoping native height pedestals can become expensive. 

The self leveling head makes an easy adjustment to the top and any of our pavers (wood , porcelain or stone can be mounted on top with the applicable spacer head. 

AWS pedestal system hybrid pvc based pedestal AWS pedestal system components

pvc based hybrid pedestal system structural deck tile installation

 fixed height rubber pedestalfixed height rubber pedestal supports2cm porcelain paver

Fixed Height Rubber Pedestal Paver Supports   

Fixed Height Neoprene Rubber Pedestal Supports

For the very lowest of elevations where the threshold dictates your final height we developed a solution. At just 3/8th and 5/8ths thickness these neoprene rubber supports with built in 1/8th spacer tabs will elevate the pavers just enough to allow for drainage.  These are the best solution for porcelain pavers and wood pavers over surfaces where low finished heights are needed. These rubber fixed height supports are stackable and therefore can be raised to accomodate up to 1.5" in height.

Fixed height rubber supports are superior to plastic fixed height systems in that they give you superior sound and vibration absorption, and greater friction to the surface paver ensuring no movement or wobble.

Available in three sizes  1/16th", 3/8ths, and 5/8ths these will accomodate any type of paver raised floor system

raised floor fixed height pedestals

SRS Foam Block Paver Supports   

SRS Foam Block Pedestals

The concept is pure and simple, the result is patented pedestal system that is economical and equal to plastic adjustable pedestal systems. The Foam Block levelling support system combines straightforward technology with proven materials to product a one of a kind support system under any desired paver material. High density foam is inexpensive, extremely durable in 60 or 100 psi. Typically Dow styrofoam, or Owens-Corning Foam supply this high density foam.  This material is commonly used on roof decks and is ASTM rated and fully conformes to todays building standards. 

Pedestals can be installed for any height, load or slope and will support any paver size and type. Complex designs can be cut and supported by the pedestal matrix. 

Positioning the pedestal blocks is quick and easy and requires no special shimming or bracing regardless of pedestal height. Secured using construction adhesive, once in place they will not shift or move.  Once dsecured the levelling begins.  Utilizing a hot wire trolley riding on a laser leveled track trims the excess material above the bottom of paver elevation. This method allows our installer to level a large area of pedestals in a short amount of time. The result is a perfectly leveled foam block support system.  The foam blocks create a stable base for the pavers regardless of the irregularity of underlying conditions. 
SRS Foam Block Pedestal System

wood deck tiles over srs foam block pedestal systems

SRS Foam Block Pedestal System and porcelain pavers

porcelain Pavers and ipe deck tiles over SRS foam Block pedestal system

Eterno Adjustable Pedestals with self leveling head  

Eterno Adjustable Pedestals

The Eterno SE range of pedestals is for those looking for a adjustable plastic pedestal with a self leveling head.  Best applied for use with pavers weighing less than 10 lbs per sq ft as heavy pavers can create a wobble in the floor.   Eterno pedestals will perform well and create a level surface to install your lightweight paver.  Eterno pedestals give the ability to adjust the height from above without removing the paver after the installation of surface material. With built in rubber pad and spacer tabs, Eterno is a one piece unit.  You will find that the Eterno line of pedestals although more expensive can create an easy install.

- Capable of supporting loads up to 2000 lbs
- Self adjusting head compensates slope up to 5%
- 1.5"-21" total height range
- Special height adjustment tool(sold seperatly) allows height adjustment from above the paver surface. 
- Ligthweigth and strong plastic construction. 

Eterno SE series pedestal

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