Sitting high up above the rolling hills of Los Angeles, the designers of the Ferrari’s houses upper deck envisioned mixing different surface materials to enhance both aesthetics and functionality of this incredible vista. Eco Arbor Designs pedestal based FRP system provided an ideal engineering solution for mixing wood deck tiles, porcelain pavers and artificial turf seamlessly at matching heights.


A pedestal raised deck was designed into the original architectural plans as this type of systems is ideal for allowing the desired irrigation and gas piping to be hidden below the deck surface. Placing FRP panels on the pedestals prior to the placement of the final deck materials provided the structural integrity and desirable flush subfloor surface to seamlessly integrate both hard and flexible exterior flooring materials.


With the FRP in place across the expansive deck area, the homeowners had the luxury of working with their design to team to create a mixed-use outdoor area. This end result features.

An active area featuring a large-scale putting green that overlooks the Hollywood hills

An exotic teak deck tile surface designed in a parquet pattern with irrigated planter boxes, outdoor furniture and gas fire pit.

Porcelain paver pathways to create a consistent flow between the interior and exterior living areas.

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