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Environmentally friendly Sustainable Hardwoods compared to using locally available semi hard or softwoods- Eco Decking Tiles by Eco Arbor Designs, A Complete Eco Product:

Efficiency in using genuine hardwood lumber.
When comparing our tiles to traditional deck building the lumber use is about half for the same floor coverage. The difference between conventional decking and Eco Decking Tiles, in terms of USAGE of timber is vast: In addition to saving wood, hardwodo will last a lifetime ensuring that it will never need replacement.
For 100 m2 of decking, conventional decking uses in terms of area a total of 100m2, our product has a 5-mm gap between each wood slat, therefore in terms of area, it uses 92.32 m2 of timber.
However in terms of volume, there is an even larger difference, for 1" thick conventional decking, the total m3 used for the same 100m2 of decking is 2.54 m3, because our product uses a 15-mm thick lumber, the m3 usage of timber is 1.04m3.
As a total for every 100m2 in terms of area the savings is 7.68m2, and in terms of volume, the savings is 1.5m3. And this is NOT considering the wastage when cutting conventional decking, which is about 10 to 20%.
For every CNTR (approximate of 1,300 m2) we save in terms of lumber a total of 99.84 m2, and in terms of volume, a total of 13.52 m3 (for your info, a 20' Container of conventional decking has no more than 18m3). This is an enormous amount of lumber that is saved, while providing a gorgeous deck with even a better look.

Sustainable woods and the programs we support.  All of our hardwoods are purchased through certified sustainable forestry programs.  These programs are important for sustainable forestry to coexist with the hardwood lumber market.  Our decking tiles provide critical financial assistance and incentive to landowners to join forestry initiatives that are endorsed by the FSC. Our lumber is supplied through these initiatives in a reclaimed or remenant format that help stamp out illegal logging and the illegal lumber trade. Our products are available in both FSC certified woods or reclaimed / remenant formats

Products that are re-usable are green.  This is a term used for materials that do not go to dump once used but rather can be picked up and used elsewhere. Our tiles can be picked up and used elsewhere saving the material to be used once again. This not only protects your investment in the material but ensures future use of the material in another living space in the future.

PORCELAIN DECK TILES ARE RECYCLED glass, a truly sustainable modular decking system. Take a look at our porcelain pavers which are compressed heated glass slab. Durable long lasting, zero maintenance and truly recycled. Porcelain pavers are a truly renewable product.

Deck tiles of all types can be installed over existing surfaces.
 Another important green feature as most materials require demolition or removal of a previous material.  Traditional decking and building fills our landfills with concrete and chemically treated wood or toxic fiber materials. By going over the existing surface you are saving our landfills from toxic materials.

Our Wood Deck tiles typically use the "shorts" which are remenant pieces typically discarded from the furniture and decking industry and are utilized to make our products. This maximizes the use of the wood and makes sure none of it goes to waste. Traditionally much of the shorts are discarded or burned to fascilitate hardwood charcoal on the open market.  Instead we select and purchase these pieces to create our beautiful deck tiles. In fact we find the shorts are typically the better quality lumber available.

Documentation or more information for our certified hardwoods can be provided upon request.

Bottom line is carbon footprint, even after our product has travelled to arrive on site, the longevity, re-usability and the fact this material prevents the existing surface from being removed makes up for carbon footprint used to obtian the material.

Hardwood information

Ironwood because of the incredible density can last up to 25+ years in outdoor environments. The fact that this material will last up to 5 times the length of local lumber such as redwood or cedar reduces crbon footprint and waste. We would rather you build your deck once in a lifetime and not every ten years.

ipe wood

TERMITE RESISTANCE - ( 15 years in ground without attack by termites ) Highest Rating. FIRE RESISTANCE - ASTM-E84 tested to National Fire Protection Code, Class A, Uniform Building Code, Class 1; Highest Rating. HARDNESS - ASTM-D143 tested; Approximately seven times harder than Cedar, our Ipe decking stands up to the harshest conditions imaginable. SLIP RESISTANCE - ASTM-C1028-89 tested; Our Ipe Decking exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for Static Coefficient of friction in a wet environment STRENGTH - ASTM-D143 tested; Three times stronger than Cedar, our Ironwood Decking exceeds all existing code requirements for exterior construction. It is well known that Ipe, Curupay and Garapa have a higher bending strength than steel or concrete. Now that is hard!