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Stone deck modular pavers are a high quality modular interlocking real stone paving system that is made in the USA. Simple light weight pavers utilze genuine Slate or Granite bonded to an engineered fiberglass base. The result is a beautiful strong stone paving system which can be installed over standard wood joists or any existing sloped or flat surface. This product is durable long lasting and very affordable for both commercial and residential applications.
Now, contractors and homeowners can build new, or replace old, high-maintenance decks with a durable stone paving system. The modular pavers can be installed over any even well drained surface including balcony decks, roof terraces, existing wood deck joists and even concrete slabs in the backyard. Interlock the pavers over the surface directly or use our adjustable pedestals to level any sloped area. The tiles interlock on all four sides and install over pedestals or joist plates.

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We provide a number of different pedestal systems according to the application and height required. Ask for details and a quote for your project.

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stone deck

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STONE DECK Specifications
  • Flame-Finished Natural Slate
  • 12mm (1/2") thick, 1.5mm (1/16") durable chamfered edge
  • Proprietary Engineered Resin , Loctite® adhered
  • 'Honeycomb' Design supports load-bearing after trimming
  • 48 'weep' holes prevent freeze/thaw stress
  • 400mm square [+ 2 x 3mm joint], 12mm thick
    (15 3/4" square [+ 2 x 1/8" joint], 1/2" thick)
Edge Joint: 
(Locking Edge) 
  • 2 identical sets of 3mm (1/8") clips and receivers
    at 4 sides (16 total contact points per paver)
  • Automatically aligns and provides even 1/8" spacing in grid or running bond pattern
Effective Size: 
403mm (15 7/8") On Center, 24mm (1") thick
(400mm (15 3/4") Base + 3mm (1/8") shared joint).
Slate: 8 lbs./ft • Granite: 8 lbs./ft2 (12-13 lbs./paver)
Water Flow Rate: 
10+ gallons/minute/joint
Skid Resistance: 
0.52 - 0.78 dry  0.47 - 0.74 wet
(μ/coefficient of friction)
Mean Load at first Yield: 
1334 lbf
Mean Maximum Load: 
1661 lbf
-40°C to +126°C (-40°F to +260°F)