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New York City Roof Decks with deck tiles

(Posted on May 14, 2018 at 10:58AM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

Roof Decks in New York City and the heart of the green roof movement

On a recent visit to New York City this past May I was blessed with amazing weather, even though the week before was humid and in the 90's.  I was relieved to see on my i-phone weather app tell me I would have highs in the low 70's. What a relief! I had dodged a bullet there. My mission this trip was to meet with some old clients, and walk a few new projects with our material specified. little background, we here at Eco Arbor Designs live and breathe modular decking and elevated decking for roof decks, patios and plaza decks. We have been in this business for over 12 years and we work all over the United States. So a trip to New York City is special for me as there are countless new roof decks outdoor floors and living spaces going in every year with us. I just love seeing the new outdoor designs from some of the great landscape designers, incorporating green space and of course incredible raised paver and pedestal floors in the newest hotels and restaurants.

Of course if you are a homeowner with a roof deck in Brooklyn or Manhattan the implementation of a real walk deck on your roof can be daunting to say the least.Often residents who are lucky enough to have a space to call their own neglect them and throw out a few plastic Adirondack chairs and some beat up outdoor carpet.low cost and temporary solution creates a usable outdoor area, but does it really give you joy and add value to your home?

Well step in to our world of outdoor flooring products from raised pavers and pedestals to our interlocking deck tiles. Our outdoor flooring systems so often can be used on any type of roof deck. It pains me to see a roof deck that is covered in moldy outdoor carpet when for just a bit more effort one can have a paradise with a beautiful floor, planters and furniture. Your guests will be much more appreciative with a real outdoor flooring system. In addition you could see a much longer lifespan from your waterproofing.

From the many design professionals we have worked with over the years to create stunning outdoor spaces we have learned a few things. From our porcelain pavers to our hardwood pavers, any roof deck can be transformed into a living space and increase your square footage of your "liveable space". Lets face it New York City is an amazing place to be outdoors on a summer evening and thus gave birth to the green roof movement. Green Roof spaces have given peace and tranquility to thousands across the city. Coming home from a busy day and enjoying your outdoor space is one thing New Yorkers love to do. Container gardening or a good bbq dinner is what makes these spaces special. Would you neglect your living room or family room with terrible flooring and old paint and feel good about it? If the answer is no, then your outdoor space deserves the same credit. We are here to help with this process from start to finish. For a high end raised floor you can expect to pay anywhere from $10-$15 for materials delivered to the door. If you are installing yourself you can save the labor cost. Labor can be as much as $20 per square ft depending on the labor needed to get the material on site. Conversly many of our clients are handy enough to install the floor themselves.

Bottom line is once you are done with your outdoor space, you will have an outdoor living lifestyle that will last a lifetime. We will walk you through it, present samples to you, find a budget product and recommend an installer. That its what we do, we design roof decking spaces with deck tiles, its what we give you in service and price that makes us unique to our competitors. So if your walking on an old outdoor carpet or using some old plastic chairs you found at a hardware store, we welcome you to join our green roof movement. Start enjoying your outdoor space.  Visit our website to learn more about our modular decking systems

This is the typical roof deck with some old outdoor carpet and a few plastic adirondack chairs

damaged roof deck in need of repairs

OR you can have this beautiful deck that utilized our Eco Deck 2x2 Ipe Deck Pavers and pedestals

roof deck with deck tiles