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Places Using Interlocking Wood Deck Tiles

(Posted on May 22, 2020 at 01:09PM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

Interlocking wood deck tiles are seen all over the world in many different places because they are smooth to walk on with bare feet, easy to install, a breeze to clean, fashionable, affordable and a beautiful upgrade to your old tattered surface. You will see these interlocking wood tiles in many different weather climates and atmospheres because they are versatile and have many different applications.

interlocking wood deck tiles
Pool decks are in use practically year round in the warmest of climates and typically the focal point of any 4th of July bash. The L'Auberge Del Mar, a sought after luxury hotel in San Diego, is a great example of how installing interlocking wood deck tiles can make a hotel pool deck feel perfect.

Roof decks are always a perfect place to use an interlocking wood deck tile system. The interlocking wood deck tiles are used by designers on a majority of rooftop remodel projects. The tiles are smooth to touch and walk on barefoot without causing splinters.


Patios and terraces are great places in your home to utilize as a tranquil meditation oasis. Upgrading your current surface to interlocking wood deck tiles will give the terrace a brand a new decor motif.


Outdoor showers are a great addition to your backyard pool. The last thing you want is guests and family members dripping chlorine and other chemicals when walking through the home after a swim. A simple and quick installation of an interlocking wood deck tile based outdoor shower will give the option of a shower before or after the pool.


Condo balconies are a great extension of your urban loft. The balcony is also the place you step out to enjoy the view or even a nice glass of wine. If you find yourself buying and investing in a condominium and are looking to make some upgrades to your outdoor living area, installing an interlocking wood deck tile system is an affordable and quick weekend remodel project.

interlocking deck tiles on a balcony 

These are all great applications of our interlocking deck tile product that you can see in cities across the nation. The product is versatile, durable, smooth and easy to install. If you think its time to upgrade your outdoor surface, give us a call at Eco Arbor Designs to discuss your unique situation and square footage and we will send over a quote with no pressure to buy!


Porcelain Paver DIY Installation

(Posted on May 19, 2020 at 12:48PM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

porcelain paver pedestals
Porcelain Pavers are an outstanding upgrade to completely transform your outdoor space without a removal of the existing surface. The raised porcelain paver systems are being installed high and low, across the country. Small projects on condo balconies, large hotel and restaurant expansions, roof decks in Manhattan and Los Angeles, you name it! Once your material has been purchased you have the luxury of hiring an installer to lend a helping hand, or the freedom of easily and properly completing the project yourself. Here is a guide of everything you'll need to know about what it takes to DIY a raised porcelain paver system. 

porcelain paver diy installation

Gather any tools you will need to complete the project. Cleaning products, edge clips or wall spacers if necessary, a level for accuracy, pedestals, a saw for cutting etc.


Clean your outdoor surface. A light sweeping and mopping, allowing time for drying, is all the cleaning that is required. Also be sure of a great weather forecast, no rain or snow before or during installation.


Apply the insulating layer to the pedestals. This is the cushion between the pedestals and the pre existing surface and this is an optional step.

porcelain paver diy installation

Begin the grid planning around the perimeter edges and configuring where all of the pedestals will be placed. This is an important step as this is the support system to your flooring.


Position a pedestal underneath the center of the slab for a perfectly safe, stable and long lasting application.


Position the clean, dry porcelain slabs on the pedestals. Everything should pop right into place unless a major mistake was made in the planning process of pedestal placement, which is an easy fix that shouldn’t require much time.

porcelain pavers diy installation 

Ensure the completed raised porcelain paver surface is level and plane. Not only is a level floor safe, it also adds great value to the aesthetic of the project. The more even and plane your pavers are, the more expensive and high end your deck will look.


Regulate the pedestals if any imperfections are found during the leveling process and place your porcelain pavers back into the grid.


The final step is to gently walk across all parts of the deck ensuring a flawless installation. Porcelain pavers that are installed correctly do not shake or wobble.

porcelain paver diy installation

Staining IPE Deck Tiles

(Posted on May 18, 2020 at 01:54PM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

Upgrading your old outdoor deck to a new IPE deck tile system is something for the whole family to enjoy and the neighbors to admire. This is the ultimate DIY project to have completed before the Spring season. The IPE wood is durable, reliable, easy to clean and one of the hottest trends in outdoor flooring. Most consumers will choose to stain the deck to match their decor and design motif. The process is simple and to be completed in a short weekend. Here are a few tips, steps, and clues to get you going on your stained and completed outdoor deck project.

staining ipe wood

Clean the tiles using a regular mop and broom routine and afterwards allow enough time for the floors to properly dry before continuing on to the next step. 24-72 hours depending where you live and amount of moisture and sunshine contributing to the drying speed.


Lightly sand away any scuff marks or major stains. For a small area, sanding the IPE with just a typical pole sander from a local hardware store will be abrasive enough to buff the IPE deck tiles. For decks that have been weather aged for many years and have deep abrasions and scratches, you should rent or buy a high powered floor sander to revamp the old flooring and prepare for the stain.


Very thoroughly brush the deck clean of all dusts. Using a large handle broom, thoroughly brush all the dust and debris away from all the IPE deck tiles.

staining ipe deck tiles 

Check between the cracks to make sure there's no debri in between the planks. Leaves, fuzz and dust can easily become adhered to the IPE deck tiles during the staining process if you aren't vigilant during removal.


Roll, spray or cloth rub your stain onto the IPE deck tiles. All methods are preferred and successful, it’s just a matter of figuring out which technique works for you and your square footage of deck tiles. When plausible, spraying the stain is “easiest” but is not possible in certain situations where stucco or other matter could be stained and ruined during the process.


There is a small surface area of IPE wood noticeable through the cracks so being proactive and inspecting your stain job from all angles and taking a brush to the in between cracks, will ensure an even high quality staining application.

ipe deck tiles 

Do not over saturate the IPE deck tiles during your stain application and after 24 hours, check to see if there are any little “puddles” of excess stain and remove them with an old rag or towel. Allow 24-48 hours and double check that the deck is completely 100% dry before placing furniture and other items back onto the deck. 


*You can also spray the backside of the pavers prior to installation, or even do the entire staining process before installation tile by tile and simply install your finished tiles.


Can I Install Raised Porcelain Paver Outdoor Flooring Myself

(Posted on May 14, 2020 at 10:16AM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

Porcelain pavers are a cutting edge product seen throughout homes, patios, balconies, roof decks and commercial properties and are perfect for pedestal roof decks. However, the pavers were not always used for outdoor raised pedestal and exterior systems. The porcelain pavers were traditionally much smaller, thinner and only used for indoor applications or exterior balcony tiles. Through high quality manufacturing and engineering, the raised outdoor pedestal paving system was created utilizing 2cm or double thick porcelain. The outdoor pavers have a high level of manufacturing in this thickness and can wqithstand a tremendous amount of weight.  They are impervious to  quality and are created with the safety components that are required for outdoor flooring such as non slip technology and durability to last through rough and tough weather storms and conditions. The raised porcelain pedestals are also 100% recycled so you will have the pride of knowing you have also made an environmentally sustainable home improvement decision. They are zero mess, no fuss and also give your flooring the same height indoor and out with a seamless and level application. 

porcelain pavers

Porcelain Paver installation is easy to understand and a great weekend project to take on yourself. The rubber connectors will simply lock the porcelain pavers right into place. Installation is fast and only a limited number of tools are required.
porcelain pavers
Using adjustable height pedestals, determining the height of your pedestals is a just a few clicks away. If you are looking to add serious height, no problem, the pedestals are stackable. Not only do these versatile tiles exude class, quality, and style, you can install them yourself. Yes, YOU! Self Installation of porcelain pavers allows you to take control of your own project, cut out middle man costs from installers and limit the number of strangers allowed into your home.

 porcelain pavers

Be a boss! Drink a nice coffee, enjoy your morning meditation and don't hesitate taking on your raised porcelain paver system all by YOURSELF!


How to Clean your Deck Turf for Pet Owners

(Posted on May 11, 2020 at 12:30PM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

deck turf
Transforming your rooftop deck to a luxurious deck turf raised pedestal system is a fashion forward, environmentally sustainable and exciting decision with many long term benefits. Often families living in an urban downtown building, see this turf decking as an opportunity to turn their terrace into a trusted and convenient place for the family dog to use the bathroom. For many, they find themselves wondering if this is the right decision, or will this choice be messy and difficult. Deck turf on a raised pedestal system has amazing drainage and the clean up could not be easier, even if the cleaning is poopoo and peepee. Here are 4 easy and pain free ways to keep that deck turf new and fresh.


1.Water Hose. This is the simple and most effective method of cleaning up. It is chemical free, easy, and doesn't require any planning. Simply be prepared to watch your pet do the business and immediately spray down your deck turf. One of the best parts of using a raised pedestal deck turf system, is that if you do miss a pee, the urine should simply drain all the way out, like rainfall. If access to a water hose is complicated or unavailable, a large bucket of water could work just fine too. 


2.Pick Up Poop in a Timely Fashion. The quicker you act, the less the mess will stick. The recommended procedure is to follow your dog out onto your turf and watch them do the deed and immediately clean it up. 


3.Diluted Vinegar Mixture or Professional Turf Cleaning Product. If you are finding that water just isn't doing the trick, it is time to bring out the big guns! A simple environmentally friendly solution of water and vinegar can be poured onto the affected surface to help really remove the animal smell. Another option is purchasing a turf cleaner engineered specifically for pet clean up on turf surfaces. Be mindful of which cleaner you chose and speak with the manufacturer about the safety of using the product on your particular turf.


4.Scrub with a Cloth. When you pick up the poop with paper towels or doggie bags, you may find that there are small chunks lingering on the turf still. Use a bit of the vinegar mixture and a cloth and gently scrub at the turf until it is clean and residue has dissipated.

how to remove dog pee from deck turf

Will My Deck Turf Raised Pedestal Decking Get Moldy?

(Posted on May 11, 2020 at 12:14PM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

Making the decision to add deck turf to your outdoor space is exciting and comes with many benefits. From the satisfaction of knowing you are making an environmentally sustainable decision, removing irrigation costs from your budget, and having a safe place for your children to romp around, it really is a no brainer! But with any great decision, also comes a lot of questions. You might find yourself wondering if you will face issues with mold and mildew in the future. There are a few factors that you have to consider if you are worried about mold. The installation method, location of the project and last but not least, your own personal tidiness.

turf deck

In the original turf days, 25 years ago, turf matts were laid directly on top of concrete, giving the pools of water after heavy rainfall, nowhere to go. This is a major problem that, in certain places, could have potentially caused issues with mold or mildew. When installing turf decking onto your luxury outdoor space, doing a lightweight raised pedestal system is used to create a proper drainage for rainfall. With rainfall and water having nowhere to pool, you will have no issues with the turf staying damp.


The second thing to consider when pondering the possibility of mold and mildew, is where you live. Are you in a considerably dry climate of Southern California? With light rain and heavy sun, you have nothing to worry about. Damp, humid places, such as Northern California or New York could obviously open the doors to more fog and rainfall, but with a proper installation of a raised pedestal system, that rain should drain right through and cause no issues.


Last but not least, taking overall good care of your roof deck and having good cleaning habits would never be a bad idea. Even in the dryest of climates, a huge pile of wet leaves, a great pack of dogs relieving themselves, or spilled cocktails left to rot, could become problematic. If any of these situations happened to your deck, there are very practical remedies to solve your specific issue. From a diluted bleach solution, vinegar, or deck turf specific cleaners, you are one afternoon of cleaning away from a freshly cleaned turf deck!


How to Clean Artificial Grass on Roof Decks

(Posted on May 11, 2020 at 11:37AM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

Transforming your rooftop deck to a luxurious deck turf raised pedestal system is a fashion forward, environmentally sustainable, great investment and exciting decision with many long term benefits. Having material of this quality installed on your deck will give you the piece of mind knowing that you have chosen a trusted home improvement upgrade that will last many years. One of the many benefits of having an artificial grass installation is the low maintenance upkeep the “yard” requires. No more expensive watering, mowing, chemically treating or fertilizing. However, to keep your turf deck looking pristine, there are a few general rules of cleaning and maintenance that should be followed.

turf deck
  1. Weekly Regular Maintenance. 

Although serious lawn work is not required of artificial grass, a little work will always go a long way. A simple weekly upkeep will extend the life span of your deck and have your guests pleasantly surprised with the pristine condition of the outdoor patio. A few weekly things you could do to keep tidy are, a light hose down of the turf, removal of leaves and debri, and just your average, to be expected, cleanup of pets and children.

  1. Monthly Maintenance. 

About every 30 days, is a great time to get back out and give your artificial grass a little revamp. A proper routine cleanup takes little effort and will protect your investment, impress your house guests and give you a serene oasis to relax and unwind. A couple actions you can take are grooming the turf blades with a brush to remain pointed in the correct direction, a deeper cleanup of all debri and an in depth removal of stains and residue.

  1. Remove Pet Waste.

Often families living in an urban downtown building, see this turf decking as an opportunity to turn their terrace into a trusted and convenient place for the family dog to use the bathroom. This is an innovative and modern idea that many families are using. There are a couple key points to maintaining the beauty of your artificial grass while letting the dogs share the turf as well. Pick up the poop immediately after your dog does the deed to prevent drying. Spray down the deck with water regularly to keep a flow of the drainage. Use chemical products or a vinegar mixture if smell becomes an issue.


In closing, your duty to upkeep your deck turf raised pedestal system is necessary but also simplistic. A light routine of keeping tidy, removing debri, brushing the blades, and removing pet waste will have you good as gold.


5 Reasons to Use Deck Turf to Elevate your Outdoor Space

(Posted on May 11, 2020 at 11:08AM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

We are always looking to make new and exciting changes around the house. Whether it be, flooring, paint, light remodel, there are many new and exciting ways to bring new energy to an existing space. Tired of looking at the same old patio or rooftop deck? Deck turf is a low maintenance, long lasting alternative to wood or composite decking. 
turf deck

1. The Environment. Deck turf is completely low maintenance and requires zero watering. The long product life span is also good for the environment. You will never have to use chemical products such as staining, weather guard and countless amounts of water wasted to maintain a regular lawn through irrigation. Deck turf is manufactured using renewable and recycled materials, working towards environmental sustainability. 

2. Pet Patios. Having a place for your best friend to do his business on the patio when living in an urban residential space is huge. After a long day of work the last thing you want to do is to ride the elevator down and journey back through the lobby so the dog can go potty. The artificial pet grass system is easy to clean and keeps your pet clean. The family pet can’t dig holes and also no reason to worry about fleas and ticks. 

3. Bring in the Green. Feeling sick of all things concrete and glass? Break up the monotony and bring in the green! Step out of your downtown loft and onto green “grass” with your bare feet. You can create a luxurious oasis feel by pairing the turf surface with a living green wall or potted plants. 


4. Keep up with Trends. Deck turf flooring is one of the hottest trends to be seen in countless swanky commercial or residential spots in Los Angeles or New York City. With the unique look of these lush green patios, guests will remember your fashion forward remodeling decision. 


5. Safety. When bringing a new product into your home, the safety in the event of an emergency is naturally going to be something to consider. Deck turf proudly holds a Class 1 Fire Rating, making it safe for residential or commercial spaces. The proper drainage that comes along with this product takes away the stress of someone yourself slipping and falling after a major rainstorm. Safety First!


ipe deck tiles

(Posted on Feb 6, 2019 at 01:55PM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

Ipe Deck Tiles and how we got started in the outdoor flooring industry..

Our company started back in 2005 with a simple concept, outdoor flooring that is easy to install and lasts the test of time.  Over the course of the past 15 years we came to realize that outdoor flooring was so much more than our original product we called Eco Decking Tiles.  Today, we have done everything from Hotyels decks, to high end residential to restaurants to spas.  We seem to have done it all.  With all the new products we have launched and designed we seem to always come back to our original design.  Simple interlocking deck tiles. 

 They arent perfect for every application, nor do they fit into every budget or need.  But the one thing they do have is durability and ease of use.  In fact there is no better flooring product for a sinmple condominium balcony. Lock them down in place,  cut your last row and enjoy.  How many products out there are that easy, yet give you so much value to be able to walk on real wood deck with no complicated cutting or construction. We believe today these interlocking ipe deck tiles (our number one seller) will always have a place in our product portfolio. 

Deck tiles come in many formats, materials, shapes and sizes.  But one thing remains the same.  Quality materials!  An interlocking base that is easy to use, remains intact no matter how many times you lock or unlock the tiles.  As well as a qual;ity hardwood or composite surface. 

Our deck tiles are just that.  We have been told by countless design professionals that our interlocking base is the best on the market.  With UV stabilization, and fire retardant polymers in the base, we arent worried about where you install them, or how long they will be outside.  Our story and our original customers prove that this product is the type of set it and forget it system.  We are proud to be using the same materials and same factory for this long.  We continue to be a leader in the deck tile market.  We hope that you will give this product a shot for your application.  We will guide you as to what is the best product and application.  If it doesnt make sense  we will be the first to tell you. 

With one of the longest warranties in the business we know you will enjoy our deck tiles on your application, whether it be a balcony,  temporary event floor, or a boat deck.  Give us a call or visit out site for more information.

New York City Roof Decks with deck tiles

(Posted on May 14, 2018 at 10:58AM by Lorenzo Cavalletti)

Roof Decks in New York City and the heart of the green roof movement

On a recent visit to New York City this past May, I was blessed with amazing weather. The week before was humid and in the 90's and the week after there was a torrential rainstorm.  As I exited the crowded Delta terminal at JFK, I was relieved to see on my i-phone weather app show me partly clowdy and 70's. What a relief!  My mission this trip was to meet with some existing clients, and meet some new clients who had specified our decking tiles. A little background about us at Eco Arbor Designs.  We live and breathe elevated decking tiles for roof decks, patios and plaza decks. We have been in this business for over 12 years. We work all over the United States shipping material to designers, architects and homeowners. So a trip to New York City where there are more roof decks than anywhere is special for me. I just love seeing the new outdoor landscape designs from some of the great NYC designers. If we are involved, then they are incorporating our raised paver and pedestal flooring solutions. We are solution based company making outdoor spaces better all across the country. Its our bread and butter and something that makes us tingle inside.

Of course if you are a homeowner with a roof deck in Brooklyn or Manhattan the implementation of a real walk deck on your roof can be a daunting task. Often residents who are lucky enough to have a roof deck space to call their own, neglect the opportunity to increase there living space and they end up throwing out a few plastic adirondack chairs and some outdoor carpet. This is a low cost and temporary solution that barely suffices in creating a usable outdoor area. Question is...does it really give you satisfaction and add value to your home?

Well... let us introduce you to the way it should be done and step in to our world of outdoor flooring products.  From raised pavers and pedestals to our interlocking deck tiles we have a flooring solution for your space and budget. Our outdoor flooring products so often can be used on any type of roof deck. It pains me to see a roof deck that is covered in moldy outdoor carpet when for just a bit more effort one can have a paradise with a floor that will last a lifetime. Your guests will be much more appreciative with a real outdoor flooring system and your wallet will love you in that you will never need to spend money on a floor again. In addition you could see a much longer lifespan from your roof waterproofing.

From the many design professionals we have worked with over the years to create stunning outdoor spaces we have learned a few things. From our porcelain pavers to our hardwood pavers, any roof deck can be transformed into a living space and increase your square footage of your "liveable space". Lets face it New York City is an amazing place to be outdoors on a summer evening, it is the birthplace of the green roof movement. Green Roof spaces have given peace and tranquility to thousands across the city after a long workday.  Container gardening or a good dinner outside on a summer night is what makes these spaces special. Would you neglect your living room or family room with terrible flooring and old paint and feel good about it? If the answer is no, then your outdoor space deserves the same credit. We are here to help with this process from start to finish. For a high end raised floor you can expect to pay anywhere from $10-$15 for materials delivered to the door. If you are installing yourself you can save the labor cost. Labor can be as much as $20 per square ft depending on the labor needed to get the material on site. Conversly many of our clients are handy enough to install the floor themselves.

Bottom line is once you are done with your outdoor space, you will have an outdoor living lifestyle that will last a lifetime and rival the Ritz Carlton or the Dream Hotel roof deck. We will walk you through it, present samples to you, find a budget product and recommend an installer. That its what we do, consult, create a solution, deliver material and provide valuable post sale support. We are working with some of the top Italian porcelain paver brands and the most reputable forestry consessions to deliver the best quality material to your site.   We give you pre sale and post sale service that makes us unique to our competitors. So if your walking on an old outdoor carpet or using some old plastic chairs you found at a hardware store, call us to get started and begin living outdoors. 

 Visit our website to learn more about our modular decking systems and of course call us anytime to get a quote and discuss your options our toll free number is 888 335 8453
or visit

Some photos I took from a rooftop, 

This is the typical roof deck with some old outdoor carpet and a few plastic adirondack chairs

damaged roof deck in need of repairs


you can have this beautiful deck that utilized our Eco Deck 2x2 Ipe Deck Tile Pavers and pedestals. 

roof deck with deck tiles
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