Deck Turf Raised pedestals decking

Deck Turf - Synthetic raised pedestal Turf Decking System

Utilizing a strong commercial grade fiberglass panel to support the turf of your choice over our pedestal systems.  Ideally used for raised floor applications such as roof decks.  Deck Turf is the ideal compliment to our wood decking or porcelain pavers on raised pedestal decks.  Need an area of turf for entertaining, kids play or pet area?   Deck Turf will install quickly, remain lightweight and well drained and gve you the soft turf area of your dreams over any roof or balcony surface.  Utilizing 1" deep X 3/4 square  fiberglass mesh, the fiberglass panels are laid on pedestals and connected with our hidden fasteners. The result is a platform that can accept the turf of your choice.  Once the turf is backfilled with sand, you will have an impressive area of Deck Turf  to compliment your roof deck space. 
roof turf

Fiberglass Re-enforced FRP Grating with mini mesh top structural panels in 2X4', 4X8', 4X12 sized panels
Plastic washers to secure to pedestals
Any pedestal model can be used depening on height requirement of raised deck
Sythetic Turf lays on top eith permieter adhesion to panel

FRP panels
Deck Turf Structural Turf Application Details

Fiberglass reinforced plastic structural grating 
1’ Deep X 3/4” Top Mesh Made In The USA
Corrosion Resistant Lightweight
Approximate Weight 3 lbs/sqft
Load Bar Centers 1 ½”
Load Bar width ¼”
# of Load Bars/Ft. of Width 8
Load Bearing dead weight 2300 lbs
ASTM Rated
Partially recycled fiberglass content

Roof top decks, patios, or balconies where an area of turf is desired. 

Specifically Designed for raised deck tile applications on rooftop patios,
Product ID: 4444
Purchase an used Deck Turf Raised pedestals decking for only $300.00*.
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