Our Wood deck tiles are easy to install and remove if needed. Compared to a traditional deck surface you will spend a fraction of the time building. Modular deck tiles eliminate critical square footage construction cost and give you a better result than a traditionally constructed wood deck or tile floor. Developers can now cover multiple balcony surfaces with one purchase and minimize the labor cost. Our tiles will stay straight and true for the life of the deck. No more twisted or cupped deck boards! Add distinction and a true organic contemporary look and feel to your outdoor space. In addition you can easily remove them in the future to service or reseal the substrate or pack them up and bring them with you if you move. Our interlocking tiles by design will be able to be lifted from anywhere on the deck unlike other interlocking products whcih are difficult to take up once laid.

During installation, there are no adhesives, nails, screws or special tools to worry about - the tiles can be installed over ANY even surface including concrete, fiberglass coatings, roofing membrane, old ceramic tile, old weathered wood decks and even bare ground (if properly prepared). No need for expensive demolition or removal, which loads up our landfills and creates waste. Simply re- surface with this beautiful and durable turn key decking system.

A few easy steps...



1.) Clean the surface prior to installation. If a retrofit to existing deck the surface can be re-sealed prior to laying down the tiles. The surface to the right is a typical liquid coating. Our tiles can be installed over virtually any surface, including concrete, fiberglass coatings and roofing material, old tiles ect. You can even install these tiles over ground provided you have a compacted level area.


2.) Start laying the tile on the outward corner away from your threshold. Lay a test row in either direction to see where the tile ends up. The row can be shifted by nudging it into the right spot so you end up with the correct limits on the end and threshhold tiles. If dealing with an odd shape start with the edge that is most straight and work your way out. Use a rubber mallet or the palm of your hand to snap tiles in place by putting firm pressure on the corners of each tile. If the tiles do not snap in from the top easily, try snapping them in from the bottom of the adjacent tile by lifting that tile on to the other. You will get the hang of it after a few tiles. Once laid a few of the tabs will click in after installation, this is normal.


3.) If you require custom fitting then you will need to modify some tiles on your final rows. You can simply cut the backing to remove the wood slats with the plastic attached, or cut both the backing and plastic together for a clean cut edge. We recommend the use of a jig saw for small cuts, a table saw for cutting tiles or a skill saw for corner cuts. Please be advised that you must remove the screws in the cut line so as not to hit them during the cutting process. In some cases it is best to remove the wood and cut seperatly and then re-screw the wood to the base. If your design needs a rounded shape you will need to cut across the wood slats. We recommend using a diamond blade tip saw for best results.


4.) Fit your custom tiles into place for the final fitting. It is not uncommon to install rectangular and square decks in a few hours. You will be very impressed with the time it took to install our product. The perimeter tiles are the only tiles in need of cutting.


5.) Seal the tiles with an semi transparent oil penetrating sealer such as Armstrong clark mahogany or amber sealer. Roll the product on with a 3/4" nap paint roller. Let soak for 24 hours to allow the sealer to penetrate. Do this during a dry weather pattern, no morning fog ect. After 24 hour soak, come back and wipe down the deck with clean dry towels. An entire deck can be oiled in less than an hour this way. These tinted sealers will give you about 1-1.5 years of ncie color and then they will gently fade back to brown or light tan. You can also let the deck patina to a silver gray if that look is desired. It is a natural look that many of our clients like.