Eco Arbor Designs - Modular Greenroof Trays and Planters


GreenRoof Trays

Eco Arbor Designs together with Tournesol Siteworks offers a simple, durable tray that can be used with any type of greenroof-type engineered soil
in nearly any modular greenroof application. Modular trays are ideal for retro-fit applications, and small- to mediumsize installations. Trays allow plants and soil to be shifted or moved from time to time, especially for roof maintenance
or repair. Our greenroof Trays use 60% recycled High Density Polyethylene to create a flangeless tray that will last the life
of the project. The units feature a 1/2” storm water retention layer, and corner drain holes leading to 1” drain channels
below. All trays are manufactured in black with additional UV stabilizers. They are available for both extensive and ntensive greenroof applications



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